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What's in it for me - A book about Autism
What's in it for me?
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I want to be....ME! - A book about Autism
I want to be....ME!
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Why I'm a Champion - A book about Autism
Why I'm a Champion
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About The Books

Each book contains between 36 - 44 pages.

These books have been written to help children with demand avoidance traits recognise how doing everyday things they don't want to do can benefit them in the long run. They were written with simplicity and humour as this can be an effective approach with demand avoidance. Designed with age 5-9 years in mind and may be helpful with all types of neuro-typical and neuro-diverse presentations - as well as good ole plain refusal!

Enjoy - there is always a point to that.

Vicky Mills

Vicky Mills - Author of What's in it for me?

Vicky Mills


Vicky has a son with ADHD and Autism including Pathological Demand Avoidant traits (PDA). Vicky is also a Therapist with over 25 years experience of working creatively with children and helping them to participate in their own lives. Vicky has discovered that children benefit from the realisation that doing everyday stuff they don't want to do usually works out better for them.

Customer Feedback

What people are saying about Books for Autism

I have never seen my son choose to sit down and read before anything else. He literally took his coat off and his backpack, sat down and started reading it, every single page! He is a strong reader but he was actually telling me what each page meant, it was adorable. Vicky, you are a fantastic writer with such amazing insight.
A. Dawn
As a parent I immediately recognised the traits in my child that this book depicts. When I sat down with my 6 year old son and read the book for the first time, he very quickly pointed out and acknowledged that he did some of the things the book highlights! Wow! It's become his favourite book.
Ali S.
I thought this book was incredible. It helped me to understand a lot more about my Granddaughter (who I love dearly). I was doing some things wrong without even realising. I was hugging her - when this upsets her - I now give her "high fives" which she loves. I never thought that a small book could change the way I think. Worth every penny.
Shaun P.

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